Thursday, September 24, 2009

granola...with a side of flowers

This Guy...
yes...that guy. he's mr. leif.
he sent me flowers at work this week. now typically, flowers come with a candy bar, or something equally delightful and unhealthy :) but with my beautiful bouquet of fresh fall-colored flowers came a bag of granola. isn't he the best. but the real reason i got granola? (other then the fact that he knows i am trying to eat healthy and if it was a candy bar i would have snarffed it down in 2.3 seconds) well...the real reason i got granola is even more amazing. the day before, i had spilled my bag of granola all over the floor in the teacher's lounge. isn't he a sweet one, replacing my scrumptious snack by having hy-vee deliver me new granola, with a side of flowers :)

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