Thursday, October 29, 2009

the waters rise...

this song sums up how i feel. kinda.

i find myself thinking, “when’s it coming?” i often wonder when i will face a horribly scary struggle, one that tests my faith and builds perseverance, like we are told here:
James 1:2-4.

but i know now, that i am in a storm. a raging sea. he is in st. louis and i am here. it's hard and it's wearing on me. overflowing joy used resonate in my daily life. it's often easier to ignore it and go on with life, seeming happy to those around me. being successful at work and in school is how i can create a mask. but i want to write about it. so thanks for listening.

the waters keep rising and i fall deep into this battle with staying happy while he's gone. stay posititive. but it's so wearing. he is my best friend, my kindred spirit. he listens to my hopes, my dreams, my complaints, my jokes, and now i have all of those million thoughts in my mind everyday and only the only thing I come home to are the spiders :)

what a weird season in my life.
i’ve never lived alone.
i know i am not truly alone.

when i listen to
this song i am comforted.

He will never let go…my soul overflows with the love He has for me and it fills me with hope.
so, as i continue to swim…….i think i just need to turn over and do the back float for a while. to rest. to admit that life's hard right now.

in the mean time…….i suppose i can talk to my laundry and blast amazing music like the david crowder band and mike’s chair.


it is nice getting my thoughts typed down. i like this.

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  1. Hey Linds. Just checked out your blog - love it! This post me reminds me of one of my klove faves... "Washed by the Water" by NeedtoBreathe. Good stuff.