Monday, November 30, 2009


after much talk about an evening of holiday baking.
after paging through recipe upon recipe.
after coming up with our grocery list of ingredients.
after stirring, mixing, pouring, melting, spreading.
my sweet friend colette and i created three delicious holiday goodies :)
melting the caramels for the caramel peanut bars...

squeeeeeeeze the white chocolate on the pumpkin spice bars...

roll. dip. place.
the yummy yum yum ginger snaps...

meanwhile, the guys were doing 'man things' in the garage...
but we ended the evening with wine, pizza, and of course.........dessert :)

peace, xoxo, linds


  1. MMMMmmmmmm....The treats look yummy! Wish you were in charge of dessert again this week! haha! See you tomorrow night! :)

  2. Yea! My first appearance in a blog ;) It was such a pleasure baking with you!