Monday, December 7, 2009


after saving and saving...this weekend, we got a new camera! yay.
mr. leif and i did a little photo shoot in our kitchen, even though i have no clue how to really use it yet. i will learn though :)
oh, and yummidy yum yum
i had this for dinner tonight. best dinner in a while :)


there was a cat (not ours because i'm scared of cats, and strongly dislike them) stuck in the loft of our garage. not sure how it got up there. and it really freaked me out. i was too scared to crawl after it. it was making freaky meow noises, ones that might create a nightmare. i just left the garage door, open for an hour,hoping somehow it would make the 10 ft. plunge down and land on its feet (right?) and then dash out of the garage. i haven't heard the wacko meows for a while, so i think it finally figured out a plan of escape. i hope. otherwise that sucker is going to have to wait until mr. leif gets back.......which is not for a while.
i am hoping for a snow day tomorrow. i would like that, a lot. i need to finish a final for one masters class and then do my final project for the other masters class. a snow day would be nice. maybe i would get those two things done, and clean my house? snow day? yes please. oh well, at least i don't have to clean the toilets. mr. leif did that this weekend.
i love him.
i am watching one tree hill and gossip girl. because i am bored. because i did 2 out of 6 essay questions and that was my goal. because i don't really want to do anything else but be curled up on the couch, while wishing for a snow day.
i am so thankful for my husband. when i think of him i smile. i love thinking about him, and more recently, deeply praying for him. it has been the most remarkable feeling, praying for him. through prayer, and lifting him up to God, i feel strangely closer to him during the week. it is so cool.

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  1. i loooove your blog :) & i love that you hate cats. & i love that you eat peppermint icecream for dinner. i think we could be good friends! ha!