Monday, January 4, 2010

capture it...

so i got a new camera.
so i was in san diego.
so i was surrounded by adorableness.
so my sissy thought she was lady gaga.
because she started singing the papparazzi song.
because i took so. many. pictures.
so here are some of them.
i have a lot to learn. but i'm havin fun... could you not take rad pictures...when you are capturing this cute fam?? hello??? absolute cuteness. amen.


  1. So PROFESSIONAL!! Lindsey, these pictures are amazing - AWESOME JOB :) Love them all & you too.

  2. Wow Linds! Great pics! Great subjects too! :) I like the postings...quite motivating! Good catching up with ya last night!

  3. amen! b-e-a-utiful!! seriously, you sisters are the prettiest!!

  4. Lindsey!! You did a fabulous wonderful amazing job!! These are SO good and so precious!!

    I cannot get over how lovely Liza and her little family are. Molly is right... you sisters are so pretty. Beautiful beautiful girls.