Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a little somethin for my wall...

...a craft project by mr. leif and i
yes, he did help!!!
he likes to check my work and make sure i'm doing things even, etc.
....although i am more of an uneven kind of gal
...the vintage/rustic/made by me look is what i like
...but we do work together quite well....i respect his help :)

pinwheels done.
time to paint my board and add the wheelies :)

when i finally decided to do this project, i realized it was quite quick and easy!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!! Looks great ;) I can't wait to make some pin wheels myself - your pictures of the process are great!!

  2. I'm inspired! But nothing is ever as easy for me as you crafty shmafty girls make it look. You are cute!