Thursday, January 21, 2010

on my fridge...

there are some things that make me smile.
espinaca dip?!!? mi gusta :)
baby Grant the way, his 1st bday party is this saturday.......eeeeeeek 1 already!?!?!?!
i heart his momma :)
mr. leif and i on at our wedding rehearsal night.
and even funner the next day ;) i like saying funner.
my favorite verse ;)
charlotte's sock that got stuck in my suitcase the last time i was in san diego. yep, it too is dangling from my fridge. i see it every day. it makes me smile. i am not mailing it back to them.
i heart her momma too.
yay!!!!!!! our woman's retreat. SUCH a fun time. totally. can't wait

oh, and this isn't on our fridge, but it's a picture of me skyping with charlotte. holy cow i could just eat her. but in a good way. can't resist the cuteness.


  1. OH LINDSEY, cute post! wow....look ate ChaCha's face.....were gonna have to style her hair vertically to elongate(sp?)if she ever gets hair YIKEYSHNIKEYS!(actually it's coming in-last night after her bath I wiped some baby lotion in it to stick it up. xxxxxx Liza

  2. follow this link....
    I think were gonna have to do this when I move to KC...I think we need to have Colette be in it too, she'd be an asset.

  3. I was just stopping by to say I LOVE this post idea - you are so cute!

    AND then I read Liza's comment and checked out the link! When you moving Liza? this looks awesome :)

    Happy Friday all

  4. Lindsey, we should be friends. I like you and I like your blog. And I also loooove JJ Heller -- True Things is playing right now!