Tuesday, January 12, 2010

girl, put your planner down...

a dear, sweet, long distance friend of mine said some magical words to me a couple nights ago...
"girl, put your planner down!"
you see, she could distinctly remember many monday afternoons while we were in college, when i was already asking her what we should do that weekend.
yep, only hours after the previous weekend had ended, i was already wanting to plan our next social endeavors for the coming weekend.

you might be asking how we stumbled upon talking about me needing to put my planner down....or you might not be, but i intend to explain anyways.

you see, (that's the second time i've said you see, whuuup there's the third!) i was doing my usual rambling. i ramble when i get the loaded question of, "so how's everything going?" somehow, that question prompts me to spill my ever-so-long-never-ending list of life goals/plans.

so....... i unloaded. i spilled that i am sick of grad school, and getting bored with my job, well not really bored, just overwhelmed with being the school counselor for 450+ students and trying to please all the teachers too, that i miss mr. leif, but that may will be here before we know it and he will be back home, that i plan to finish this degree by next december, that i want to somehow make it my goal to visit each of my students' houses next year because you learn so much about a child from how their family conducts their home, and that i want to visit my sis again, and ... and ... and ... somewhere she blurted out, "girl, put your planner down!"

say what???

she kindly and lovingly explained herself, and, in a nut shell, she pretty much told me to start being and stop doing. just live in the moment a little more....
i love it, and i love her.

ps......i may or may not have made a list tonight and got my planner out 3 times.
but. you gotta start somewhere right?!!!?

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  1. such good advice!! I too am a planner and a list-maker... but I'm SLOWLY learning. :) You always have such a GREAT and godly attitude, Lindsey. But it's nice to know you're only human and feel like it's all just too much sometimes too. Thanks for sharing. :)

    PS. the JJ Heller song you have on your playlist is my FAVORITE right now. I listen to it all the time and it makes me cry almost every time.