Tuesday, February 2, 2010

it goes to show ya.....

.....life isn't always the fairy tale we make it out to be :)
but we can defnitely make it our own version of fairy tale if we try :)
so in response to my previous post about the beautiful invitation from mr. leif...........
here is why mr. leif and i had a date of imperfections........but it was perfect for us:
  • on my way home from work on friday i started feeling yucky......i had a headache and just felt blah.
  • mr. leif didn't get to leave as early as he tried so he didn't make it home until 7:45. (not a biggie at all...........i was just finishing up getting ready when he walked in)
  • mr. leif took me to a fabulous restaraunt, cafe trio, where they messed up on my order and our cheesecake was kinda frozen.
  • i couldn't even finish my glass of wine because i started feeling even more icky.
  • so our date was over.


  • mr. leif is my romeo and he brought me home, i put my jammies on, and he was at my service. he takes good care of me when i don't feel good, heck, he takes good care of me even when i do feel good ;)

we both agreed that being home, together, after 12 days.......was better then any fancy smancey date or cute clothes or cute ruby lips could ever be :)

ps, i brough my camera to the restaraunt but didn't fee like taking a single pic.

and pss.......i left my purse at cafe trio too. we were soooooooo meant to stay home, weren't we!?!?!

all in all, i heart my mr. leif and i really hearted his invitation :)


  1. ah gee, too cute for words. i'm glad you got your date. the best ones are always the lazy-stay-at-home kind :) i agree.

    p.s. what are you going to school for? you prolly said that somewhere around these parts, but i can't remember :)

  2. oh, I'm so sorry you got sick!! :( BUT, you are so right, my dear... the simple moments at home are the best.
    As much as I love getting out and going places with my honey, my very most favorite place to be is at home, in my PJ's, cuddled up on the couch next to Jeremy as we eat cookies or drink tea and watch movies together. Honestly. Can't be beat.

    I'm so glad you got to spend some wonderful time with your mr. leif, in spite of plans gone awry (or maybe because... the Lord always knows best! :))

  3. oh! ps! You and mr. leif NEED to come to CA and have a Disneyland date of your own. We'll meet you there! :)

  4. molly........im getting my masters in school counseling, i am over half way done, so i was able to get a 'provisional license' to be a school counselor this year....... im beginning to wish i was just pregnant with quadruplets or something, then i could just stay home :) and be a cute SAHM like you and talia :)

  5. talia.........if we ever get to disney......i will call you up :) i will need someone to be my bird guide. hehe.