Tuesday, February 2, 2010

last night...

i watched one tree hill at 10:00 last night. i dvr'd it, so i could catch it later when i had time. it was my attempt to prove to myself that i still live a normal life....
........one where i can sit down on the couch and disengage from work or school
........one where i can enjoy a bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup
........one where i can live vicariously through haley and and nathan scott, whose only problems are that haley's sister has moved in....which in my life would be a glorious celebration.
unfortunately, I watched one tree hill just like i do everything else, in fast forward. yes, I fast forwarded (is that a word?) through the commercials, but also through parts that seemed unimportant to the plot....i was in a hurry....in hurry to get back to my homework......in fact when the show was over, it was almost a relief. it was as if i could check off "relax" on my list of things to do......yet i didn't relax........ you can go ahead and laugh at me now, i am a mess:) a hot mess


  1. I love that clock, and the analogy you put into it. Do you own that clock? If not, you should. It's perfect. :)

    all I can say is, I'm praying for you friend, and I wish I could bring you cupcakes, tea, and hugs. Or cupcakes and wine and hugs. Whatever. You pick. ;)

  2. talia :) it is an etsy clock.
    because i like to stroll through etsy once in a while.......but just ONCE in a while :)
    i should own it shouldn't i