Tuesday, February 23, 2010

you have to check....

... this out.

my dear sweet friend krista, (aka fab photographer, aka the host of my tuesday night bible study, aka an inspirational momma, aka beautiful person inside and out) took pics of both friday night and sat am of our OAK HILLS WOMEN's RETREAT: "pieces."...........

so go HERE to see her capture the BEST TIME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!rockn'roll, oak hills, rockn'roll.
i HEART my church. so so much.
ps. make sure you pause the music player on my blog and listen to the music with the pictures. cuz it's better that way!
pps. i just ordered a papa johns cheese pizza for delivery. ALL. TO. MYSELF.
i totally feel like kevin from home alone..........should i make a monster ice cream sundae too? and jump on the bed? ohhhhhhhh the things you aspire to do while home alone. (let's just hope i can keep sportin this good attitude about my mr. being gone)
btw........he's out at buffalo wild wings with 'the guys'. yay for him! he had a massively long day, he had to take one of the workers on his project to the E.R. because (warning, graphic) he cut his finger. almost completely off. ouch.
ahhhhhhhhhhh. SO hungry. can i answer the door in my robe when the delivery guy comes? i suppose not. better throw some sweats on.

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  1. Fun post! Sorry, I missed your pizza party. Let's do it again soon :)