Thursday, February 25, 2010

the symptom of...

...sleepiness is in full swing.
this is what i want to do. all. day. long.
but can't.
because when you work at an elementary school, energy must be your middle name.
if not, you won't survive.
i told mr. leif i thought i could totally bust through this pregnancy with very little symptoms. nope.
like mr. leif said, "that is something your mom would say." i am so like my momma.
truth is, i can't control it! i just want to sleep!!!
so while i pretend to sleep i'll dream.
i'll dream of lovely places i would rather be...
i dream of being here with my sissy. in sunny CA. soakin up the winery goodness.
i dream of being here with my besties....a giant hike, taking in the beauty of God's creation, feeling like we are on top of the world!!!!! staring at mr. leif in puerto rico having a cocktail. on the beach.
hiking in the rain forest with my mr.
carying our cocktails in brown paper sacks. because we can. and because we are on vaca.
taking in the vastness of the ocean with my besties....having not a care in the world on our minds
that is what i will dream about when i pretend to dream... while i pretend to sleep.
all are just imaginations in my mind..........
k, i think i'll throw in a stick of gum. surely if i munch on that it will liven me up.


  1. I love the first picture! I have never seen where you work so thanks for sharing and your pretend sleeping looks very believable too ;)

    See you tomorrow . . . oh how I LOVE the weekend!!

  2. I can't wait to have a role reversal when I see you so with the wine, you with the non alcoholic something-or-other. For me the tired thing was the WORST for the first 12 weeks too.... a tired that you've never felt before. you might have to start liking coffee(ya right...)you'll always be the hot chocolate kind of girl.XXXLiza

  3. Linds- Great post! Just like your sister I can totally relate. I had to laugh at your picture because I totally would take a 15 min power nap at my desk on my office days. It's weird at 12 weeks I suddenly felt like myself again. Hopefully you will too. My sister gave me some great advice, which was to just give in and go to bed at 6:30 if you have to you need your rest as so much is going on in your body right now. My doctor said to think of it this way... you have your husbands DNA inside of you and it doesn't quite know what to do with it. :) Have a great week!

  4. oh, the tiredness..... it's an exhaustion like nothing else. It's a lot of work growing those little ones!! :)

    I hope you get lots of rest whenever you can and some unexpected energy right when you need it most as you're working and all. Hang in there... it really will get better!