Monday, March 1, 2010

back to the dr. today.....

.......for another ultrasound!

when we left the dr. last week, it was mostly good news - seeing a heartbeat, but they still had some concerns, so they asked us to come back in a week (today).

mr. leif had to head back to st. louis early this morning, so my momma came down from NE on saturday to go with me for another ultrasound.

everything was great!

the heartbeat was pumpin away, and baby leif definitely grew within a week's time!
now........according to my website research (so reliable, ey?) baby leif is the size of a blueberry.
so. below, i pose with baby blueberry. well......... fake baby blueberry that is.

oh this little blueberry better have a sweet tooth like has been a yummy day in the field of my food consumption. and................. my tastebuds are jumpin right off of my tongue because i have already decided that on my way to night class i will get mac and cheese from noodles and company. have you had it? total deliciousness. you must try it. must. must. must.

alright, i'm off to go skype with my professor. (how LAME, i know). but since i missed class a couple wednesdays ago because of parent teacher conferences i have to make it up via skype. holy cow.........i can't WAIT for this semester to be o.v.e.r. leif is workin his tail off..........he might be home end of april/real early may, if they don't get too much rain. he tells me he will work 12 hour days from here on out just to get back. i love him :) praying readers: please pray for NO rain south of st. louis, because the less rain the more landscaping at his appartments. and the sooner he is home :)

thanks momma for a wonderful weekend. thanks for dragging the giant tree branch off our front yard. and thanks for the cheese pizza. and thanks for watching that weird bomb movie with us. and thanks for trying to make me try on that nasty green shirt, i should have listened to you. and thanks for the purple gatorade. and the carrots.


  1. SOOOOOOOOOOO GLAD that everything looks great!!! Woo Hoo!!!

  2. praise God that everything is looking great and going well!! Yay, Little One!

    praying Mr. Leif will be home sooner rather than later.... oh, that would be so wonderful for you!!

    hehe, I love you and little baby blueberry. SO cute. :)

  3. oh are we ever estatic for you and mr. Leif!!!! And that beautiful baby!!!! :)