Tuesday, March 9, 2010

workin for the.....

weeeeeeeeeeekend. its what i do.

but. about 8 weeks or so now.........
and my mr. will be home.........
and never never never, he says, will we be apart this long again........
i. can't. wait.
this weekend was good.
because it was warm.
because we hung out with good friends :) and i had mac and cheese and french fries on a lunch tray. and these friends make us smile.
because we went to visit our other friends..........its her birthday week :)
because mr. leif grilled. and i had a juicy cheeseburger with ketchup and pickle. and then i burped up the burger for the next 3.6 hours. but that's ok.
because me and my mr. made a fruit pizza.
because we ate it straight out of the pan. because we can. and to keep up with this rhyming, i wish i was tan.
because mr. leif hammered away on his nesting list.
because i ate fruit pizza while i watched him work and i laughed at him. a lot. because he had 2 cups of coffee and was wirrrrrrrrrrrrred. he is so funny when he gets like that.

because he was so happy. happy to be home with me. and that makes me happy. and he thinks my belly is growing. i can't tell..........other then the fact that i have to unbutton my pants about mid-day..........but that happens even afer a good night out at mccormick and scmick's.

ps. friday we have our next dr. appt....YAY. and friday after the doc we drive home.....YAY. and next week i am home all week with my sissy, and gingiepoo, and my family.......YAY. and next week i will eat all of my mom's good food........YAY.


  1. man oh man! your blogs are so FUNNY!! we think alike. & we're both sarcastic. i think that's why we should be real life friends. can we make that happen? mmkay? YAY.

    never heard of a fruit pizza, but HELLO, that looks GOOOOOOOD :)

  2. So happy to be part of your wonderful weekend! Yo u make us smile too ;)

    From what I saw was left of the fruit pizza on Sunday I think we need to make another one soon so I can have some - Yummy!!