Tuesday, March 16, 2010


.......her cheekies. it's what i've been doin since last friday.
it's what i'll continue to do until this friday. yep.
for a whole week,
i'll be smooching her. i'm lovin up being back in nebraska. and i'm here for 3 more days. yay :)

today my lil sissy painted bumble bees on my bright red toenails. i think my feet look cute now......even though one time in highschool, in mr hanger's class, a girl in my class told me i had the most ugliest feet ever. come on.......who does that? make fun of someone's feet? i guess at least she wasn't making fun of my nose...... i mean, at least i can cover my feet. but really....... i don't even think my feet are ugly. especially with bumble bees on my toes.

i know mr. leif will be excited to see them. buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

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