Wednesday, April 28, 2010

all of the sudden....... feels real.
today, when i got home there was a big envelope stuffed in my leif's first gift. rockn'roll!!!!!!!!!
it was from my bestie boo sam. i love her.
and i think she is just as excited about baby leif as i am, and as care is :)
this semester has been crazy busy, and i live alone, and haven't seen my friends too much lately, so baby leif doesn't really get any attention - therefore - unless mr. leif is home sometimes it doesn't feel like there is really a baby coming!!!!!!!!!
that might sound weird, but im just really being honest.
my tum is totally showing, so its not that i dont look down and realize im preg.
ive felt so crappy, so its not like i dont feel preg.
but, it just hasn't hit me, until now.
until tonight.
when i opened this package.
eeeeeeeeek. baby leif's first outfit, and its so tiny!!!!!
i think i took a million pictures of it, because i was hopping around the house and squealling all alone.
with no one to share in my joy, i texted a bunch of pics to mr. leif.......
and then thought
"hmmm, i'll share it with my blog world" (whoever it is that reads this crazy thing!)
here it is
i already have it planned out, if its a........
girl - she totally can wear some red or black leggings with it, or a skirt?
boy - he could sport a red beanie, and how bout some sweat bands?!? haaadee ha ha
well........i guess that it wasn't technically the babe's first gift. my momma did bring down this wittle wabbit for the babe's easter gift ;) awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!
ok. thanks for helping me be excited :)
and thanks sammy, for being my dose of grace today. i needed it. i love you.
and thanks momma, for the wabbit. i love you too.


  1. <3 the Husker Onesie!!! You are going to have a baby during next football season, wha hoo :) (p.s. it must be a onesie week, I made my first one last night - I will update my blog soon). Miss you.

  2. LOOOOOOVVVEEE the onesie!!! and your ideas about rockin' it boy or girl! Yay!! So many fun baby presents to buy :) I get all giddy inside thinking about it! love you!