Thursday, April 29, 2010

last night i ran a 5K....... my dream.

no, seriously. like start to finish.

i even remember thinking,
"man i'm tired, but my butt is burning, and maybe its getting firmer, so i am going to push through it til the end"

at one time, i was running next to a girl i know (who's an avid exerciser) and i thought
"oh, im not gonna let her beat me" - so i kicked it in high gear.

when i was finished, i thought
"wow! this wasn't that bad, the whole running while pregnant thing, i need to do it more!"

then i woke up.
and realized, i didn't actually run.

hmmmmmmmm, was this crazy dream because my butt has grown just as much as my stomache? and it buggs me?
probably so.

seriously, i will never need a booty pop. mine is and always has been poppin. and i would like to give some of it away to help others pop theirs.

rather, i need this, well not right now cuz my belly is not gonna fit, but later, after im done with preg, when i still have my booty. POP!
and because i really need a laugh today, its only thursday, and i need it to be friday.......
should i get one of these for the babe and i??
i think mr. leif could totally sport it too?!?!


click here to view my school, washington elementary getting a visit from the KC Chief's D-Line.

if you watch closely, around minute 2:00, you can see me (aqua sweater and navy skirt), behind the kid who's jumproping, in the upper right corner of the video.

you can only see me for a brief moment but you will know its me cuz i start doin some gangsta dance while rappin to ludacris. cuz i wanted da brothas from da chiefs to know that mrs. leif knows whats up. that im all fly n stuff. yo yo yo........wussssssssup!!!!!!?

and mr. pence, our amazing pe teacher, and a fellow believer (its great to work with christians!!!) gets to speak on the video! go matt!!! (ps, i may or may not be trying to hook mr. leif and mr. pence up as friends, i think they would totally hit it off, and they've hung out a couple times so far, yayayay!!! - and mr. pence's fiancee is this cute little blonde that is fun, and is also a believer, and she likes wine. HELLO!!!! we totally need to be friends)

we've actually been in the news alot. for our annual Science Night and cuz we be sendin kids to Space Camp !!! its great to be workin at 'the WASH'...........but it does require lots of energy, whoooooooofta!


  1. baHAAAHAA!! snort. the booty pop!! that's HILARIOUS! i don't think i'll ever need a booty pop helper. i've got enough behind to make beyonce's look small. ha. i got jokes, yo. us big booty-ers got to stick together. shake what yo mama gave you gurrrrl. (& please, you are SO beautiful. pregnant. big booty. all of it. you're HOT) and that snuggy?! i could cry. please get one! please oh please!!!

  2. oh honey, you are HI-larious! that baby carrier!! hahahahahahahaha!!! also, I did not even know such a thing as a booty pop existed... but I do know I shall never ever need one. It's all good, Linds, we're just blessed in the booty area, let's thank the good Lord for the junk in our trunk. ;)

    you're an absolutely gorgeous pregnant lady, don't ever think otherwise, no matter how booty-licious you might get.

    speaking of dreams, have you had really odd extremely vivid ones since being pregnant? Oh the dreams... mine we BIZARRE. hehe.

    I've been thinking of you lots and LOTS, with your sickies and your busy-ness, and your waiting for Mr. Leif to get home for good. prayers for you. xoxoxo