Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ewe's not fat.........

......ewe's fluffy.

on the first day of school, about 5 years ago, she wore a shirt.
it had a big fluffy lamb on the front.
it said, "ewe's not fat, ewe's fluffy"
and i laughed. and i loved. and she made my heart glad.

oh i missssssssss her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ive got some massive heartburn, so i cant sleep, so im going through old pictures from my college days, and i found this of merriam

she was my FAVE. i was in her classroom during my junior year.
i wished it was longer.
teachers shouldn't have faves, but i did with her.

merry (i gave her that nickname) wore fancy church shoes to school and they would click down the hallway as she walked. her shoes didn't fit her very well, nor did they match her worn and sometimes dirty clothing, but she always fancied herself in cute shoes.

i miss merry.

i wish i could give her a squeeze. she loved to be hugged.

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