Monday, April 12, 2010


....i had a knock on the door.
rather, it was more like a pound.

1st instinct..........freak out.
2nd instict..........get real, breathe, relax.
3rd instict..........go answer the door silly, its only 5:25 and a boogy man won't come in the day light, so its probably a neighbor or something.

i open the door.

and then i FREEEEEEAAK OUT!!!!

cuz. guess who it was........

(you'll find out tomorrow)

jk. it was MR LEIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i laughed for like 5 minutes straight (good ab workout)

he knew all along, all weekend long that he wasnt leaving today. he played it cool........
there were so many signs that made it seem like EVERY other sunday night for the last 1o months, so many signs that made it seem like he was, in fact, leaving again in the morning.....
he asked me for my grocery list

went got me groceries last night (its his sunday night routine, he's so sweet)

we watched our sunday night shows

we both engaged in our whiny sunday night convo about how we cant wait for him to be home

he spoke to baby leif, telling 'him' that daddy will be home soon, and to bare with his needy momma (he thinks its a him)

he packed his bag for the week

he said his sweet goodbyes this morning

he answered his phone when i called to see if he made it safe, and he LIED telling me he was still on the way, and that he had hit some traffic

and then. he suprised me.


turns out, he spent the day at the office..........he's such a FAKER!!!!!!!!!!!

hes gonna be home until thursday. he only has to leave thursday and friday this week. halleluja :) and then next week MIGHT BE HIS LAST WEEK

but. im not gettin my hopes up. ya never know with construction........project managers have to be there until the last little thing is checked off the like i said, im not getting my hopes up yet. but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the thought of him coming home makes me want to jump up and down and pee my pants (threw that one in there for you liza).

oh and i am totally doing like 43 fist pumps because his next project is starting like now. and its HERE in KC!!!!!!!!!!! and i can't wait to bombard him with lunch dates this summer :) its like i will be the crazy pregnant lady, stalking him. jk. i will definitely get his permission first, helloooooooo!?!? but still, i will probably ask him every morning if he wants to have a picnic over his lunch break. and then i can wear a minxy housewife dress to the park and meet him there.

so, what the heck am i doing!?!? wasting time in the internet.........i gotta go! time to hang out with my hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. i didn't go to class tonight. i totally had a reason, right!?!?!

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  1. So exciting! Enjoy your week together. (PS, Scott may or may not have told me about Casey's plan...) :)