Thursday, April 22, 2010

its what the french call.........

........a fry.

and i spotted it, shriveled up in my cup holder this morning on my way to work.
goodness, did i really order a large order of fries the other day.

glancing to the right i notice a noodles n co bag.
goodness, did i eat there again!?!?
double yep.

glancing even more to the right, i see 3 hotties joggin with their pony tail's floppin, and their toned legs movin. of course they also were sportin some cute pink shorts and a nice little workout top.
goodness, am i really feeling jealousy?
tripple yep.

i hate jealousy.
and when your pregnant its easy to be jealous, or at least it is for me.
im surrounded by tan little beauties, rockin some sweet summer swag. (i dont even know if that is the proper use of swag, but i had to use it, and in this instance, swag means clothes)

but never fear............because..........
"I lift up my eyes to the hills--where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth." Ps.121:1-2

and when jealousy strikes, i know that.........
"A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones." - Proverbs 14:30

interesting how each day is a struggle, huh!?
its ok though, each day is a new day, and's struggles are for today. tomorrow's struggles will come tomorrow. and our Father gives us grace for each day.

good thing today's dosage of grace came through mr. leif.
he brought me lunch. hes home in KC today and tomorrow.
this week is not his last week next week will hopefully be, but his whole 'last week away' is ever-changing these days, ohhhh......the joys of his job (sarcasm) :)

at least its really challenging my patience,
and for the most part. im rockin' it. the whole being patient thing. BOOOOOOOOO-YAH.
and also.
i will totally take a 3 day week away over a 5 day week.

you wanna know what? (your supposed to say what). for lunch he brought me houlihans.
they made me a grilled cheese (cuz its the only thing that sounded edible),
you wann know what?
grilled cheeses aren't even on their menu. they just whipped it up in their kitchen for me.
so, that was totally a second shot of grace.
thanks God :)

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