Tuesday, May 4, 2010

it's like i can breathe again.

almost as if i've been holding my breath for 10 months

almost as if i've been hiding under my blankets this whole time (well, i have been sometiems.... when there are weird noises from squirrels throwing nuts at each other on my roof)

my husband is home. i can breathe. and i can come out from under my blankets :) (duhhhh cuz now he will scare off those squirrels who are pretending to be bad guys on my roof)
i know i said i would blog over the weekend about this, my BIG 100th POST, but i've been soakin up the married life again.

as i look back on the year, i can see so much growth - for both of us.
but i can also see that God has clearly made each of us for the other.
he's my other half, and i need him around, and he's home :)

........and he brought me blueberry pancakes in bed today.
........and today we had a dr. appointment and the heartbeat is rompin!

here are some random shots from our friday night.
mr. leif got home really late and i felt super icky again.
but we went down to the plaza and hit up noodles n' co.
sorry bout the crappy celly pics. but look, we are right across from 'heaven on earth' ....anthro. just looking through their windows makes me smile.
snap! sorry mr. leif. you weren't really lookin ;)
these noodles were delish. and so was my izze drink. being it in a bottle and all, it kinda felt like a brewsky. ahhhhhhh. nice.
and then we went to hy-vee for some carbinated water for my tummy.
and mr. leif parked in this spot.
and i was embarassed.
so i pretended to waddle and i stuck out my stomache. jk.


wednesday is my last class. my semester will be over. i've thought a lot about this semester. it truly has been the hardest 4 months of my life so far. and i know there are so many more busy and hard times to come....

but, im so glad my 1st trimester is over, my 3 classes are over, my mr. is home, and there are only 13 more days left of my first year in being a school counselor.

ya know whats kinda cool?

i've been going to see my childhood friend luke for some chiropractic help. but its crazy. for the last 3 days i haven't had an ounce of pain. the pain that has been with me ever.single.day since november. the pain that has kept me up at night. the pain that has made me wanna bathe in icy hot for 3 hours a day. its GONE.

hmmmmm.........think i was just carrying some stress there in my upper right shoulder area? um yeah. i think so.

alright, i will quit rambling.....

but really, celebrate with me.

he's home. from his year away, he's home. praise GOD.


  1. Yipee!! Such a perfect post for your #100. We are very excited to have Casey around during the week again too (since just about every weekend for the next 3 months is super busy) . . . Let's plan some weekday cookouts ASAP.

    Love you guys!

  2. ahhh, he's HOME!!! I am SO very very happy and excited for you, sweet friend. :) :) :)

    God is good!!

    and happy 100... I've loved every single post.