Thursday, May 6, 2010

so i got this sewing machine for christmas.

on tuesday night, as i finished editing my last assignment of the semester, i decided to OPEN my sewing machine for the first time.

then, i drove, really fast, to hobby lobby.
cuz it was 8:43pm and they close at 9.

i was fortunate to receive some fabulous advice and suggestions from the lady in the fabric section.
she told me about the iron on stuff to make your fabric stiff.
so i bought some of that.
and now, check out these fabric beauties i bought too. fun summer colors, ey?!
then. by 9:15pm i set to work trying to figure out my sewing machine and trying to load up some thread.
confession: i've never threaded a needle.
confession: i've never used a sewing machine.
confession: i didn't know what a bobbin was until mr. leif explained it to me.

k. so this was tuesday night.
i have this amazing idea in my mind about these little purse/wallet/makeup bag thingies i wanna make.
and i wanted to send them out for mother's day gifts. by wed....or thurs at the latest.

now it is 9:36pm and i somehow got the metal thingy jammed down, the thing that makes the needle go up and down. (i need to learn my terms, yeah yeah yeah)

now it is 9:43pm i shrugg off mr leif's hand as he tries to rub my back, realizing how frustrated i'm getting with my singer SIMPLE.

now its 9:48pm i pout and throw a fit and go into the living room to watch tv and surf the web.

now its 10:something...and mr leif is at the table with the machine.
he has my metal thing unjammed, but now he too has run stuck with a thread issue.

by 10:40 we both say no more. done. we quit. {for now} singer SIMPLE is still on my table, staring at me.
actually its probably laughing at me.

and i really just wanna drop kick it over my deck and into the river.

i won't.

i'll figure it out.
and then i'll be makin my wallet/purse/makeup bag idea thingy like crazy.
i'll make millions.
and sell them.
and become rich.
and then i will stay at home with my babe.

.................i love dreams.


  1. oh, the woes of the sewing machine... I know them all too well. And seriously, there is nothing more frustrating, ESPECIALLY when you are frantically trying to complete something!!

    but. I love your fabric. and if I know you you'll be fabulous at those wallet/purse/makeup bag thingys.

    don't let the sewing machine win. :)

    ps. you're funnnnnnnnnnny. :) I always giggle when I read your posts!

  2. i love that mr leif had to explain what a bobbin was! baHA. (i don't know what one is either. no judgment here) :) super cute fabric too! & who knows? maybe you will make loads of mula off your lil' purse idea & then you'll move to cali & we can be stay at home mama friends FOREVERRRRRR!!! hey, anything's possible, right? ;)

  3. LOVE IT!!! I want one so badly. My neighbor has a small machine she will let me borrow (if I ask really nicely) and we can have sewing parties :) As for racing to finish a project - I know the feeling!! (especially with this whole something new every-day thing) that's how I felt with my onesies . . . racing through the isles of the hob-lob (Quinn's name for it) and trying to find some coordinating fabric for my booties. As a frequent hobby-lobber I do have to comment that I think it closes at 8. The only reason I know this is the countless times I have shown up after 8 - but before 9 expecting it to be open (sigh), but that may just be certain nights a week - if so let me know - I always need something from there!! OK - I am rambling, can't wait to see your creations!