Sunday, June 20, 2010

an interview with... leif.

a tribute to his first father's day :)

sorry for the crappy celly pic.
this was right when i picked him up from the airport LATE last night. after a week in the mission field and no shaving, i was still so very attracted to my mr.
his giant smile swooned me like no other :)
now for the interview...................

me = purple
mr leif = green
~~~side note...for those of you who dont know mr leif. he's not a big talker, so this interview was a big step for him and his relationship with my blog.
big things are happenin people, real big things.
if you can imagine.......i typically do lots of the talking :)

do you know that i refer to you as mr. leif? yes
do you think it sounds weird? no
do you like being called mr. leif? sure

do you read my blog? no i don't
why not? you've never asked me to

what do you like to watch on tv?
right now, college baseball......the world series

do you wish i was a better cook?
of course, but i love you just the way you are

are you excited for how i am going to decorate the nursery?
only if i only have to paint it once
what are you refering to?
you sometimes make me paint rooms more than once
well that happens in most homes, people change the colors, whats the big deal?
two days later they do?
oh yes, sorry, you did paint a room 2 different times within 2 days. for me. love you!

what names do you wish i liked, when you think about naming our babe?
henry, jack
any that you think we could settle on together?
leroy.....hahaha, no not leroy, this is private linds, we aren't gonna share
ok i guess we aren't sharing now

will you be a guest blogger next week and tell my readers about your mission trip?

what is one thing you dream of doing some day?
building my own house

what did you like most about your first father's day?
the breakfast in bed

do you think i should keep growing my hair out?
yeah (said like, yeah...of course!!)

i heart you big BIG time.

1 comment:

  1. awe sweet. really linds, great idea.
    typical Case, not many words, but i cant wait to see what kind of pictures he took from the trip.
    I also cant wait to spend the fourth with you! Charlotte wants to know if you'll help her hold a sparkler? hehe.