Tuesday, July 13, 2010

dear babe,

good morning to you :)
is your heart-rate up? because you've been blastin away all morning, kick, punch, headbutt, karate chop.....you name it, im feelin it.

did you know your dad's pretty great?
and strangely knowledgeable about pregnant stuff...........

but most recently i've caught on to his all-knowledgeable self.
you see.............i discovered he gets about 3-5 emails sent to him per week from a 'what to expect when expecting' website. so the cats outta the bag.

i had been quite confused - because he's said things like "good thing we don't have any trips planned, most airlines wont let you fly without a dr letter in the 3rd trimester" and "lets shine a light on your belly, the baby will probably kick at it because he can see now"...........and i wondered how he new about all this crazy, seem-to-be true information. now i know :)

although most moms would be the one to receive these emails and share them with the dads, its quite the opposite with us. but its a good opposite, because i think it really makes your dad feel like he's helping us prepare for you, and he's right :) it empowers him to share this new information with me, the mom, the one who might stereotypically know all this kind of stuff.
he is so excited to meet you. and, you should be really proud of him. cuz i am :)

and ps. your room is lookin great :)
and that's thanks to your dad too.

see you in about 90 days :)
love your momma


  1. pah! that's the custest thing EVER. really, it is. that mr leif gettin' emails about the babe. oh my my my. the BEST.

    can't wait to see the babe's room! is that grey i see on the walls?! yeeeeeeeeee!!!

  2. so incredibly cute!