Monday, July 12, 2010

today i'm gonna...

...take our cable box back to the cable company.

but for real. we are canceling our cable.
and. just so you know, i did NOT come up this idea on my own.
mr leif wants to do this just as much as me.
he's the one who unhooked it all and has it ready for me to deliver :)

you see.......our cable was not working for about 2 weeks back in june.
and we had THE BEST EVENINGS ever.

we read the bible more

we talked more

we ate dinner not being glued to the tube

we went on walks

we didn't wonder where the night went as we pushed 'power' at 11:00ish

so. in our crazy "new budget/save to get lindsey to stay home with our kids/save so mr leif can someday build us a house .........we are takin steps :)

i'm so excited to see what life without cable, will bring :)

(good thing redbox is REAL close) (we night need a few nights to vege with a movie)

good by cable bill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and yes. for now, we ARE keeping our internet :) cuz, ya know, he'll have to check scores and watch espn clips........and i'll have to blog, and i'll need to keep stalking this girl (who's having a giveaway RIGHT now!!!), and her too, and obviously her (if only she would post more), and cjane and nie too.

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  1. we're cancelling cable too! for the same reasons... to save money and have better family time and such. Cheers to us and our cable-free lives!! :)

    but, you are never ever allowed to be without internet. how else would I stalk YOU? and see your belly growin'? and laugh at your funny posts? and receive your cheery comments on my blog and fb? Keep the internet. Amen. :)