Sunday, July 11, 2010

i've been taking some things...

...for granted.

a few nights ago i took a really. long. hot. shower.
and just stood there letting the water beat down on my back.
(dad i know you have a thing for nozzles, so u'd appreciate this)
HAHAHAHHAHHAH totally an inside joke from our family vaca to CO.

and as i stood there. i thought...........
"wow, i have less then 100 days to enjoy my showers, kid-free"

because, that is one thing i've heard from so many don't have a lot of time to take showers.

while standing in the shower........i made a mental list of some of the things i
i'm taking for granted at the moment,
i really want to appreciate them for the next, 98 days or so :)

my list of things im adoring right now. pre-babe.
  • long showers.
  • random naps.
  • spending an hour(s) in hobby lobby just knicknackin around, browsing isle by isle.
  • craft time.
  • not very much laundry. at all.
  • unplanned trips to run errands. multiple times a day.
  • snuggling with mr leif. every evening. just us.
  • a clean house (i've had a lot of time on my hands.......spick n span).
  • spending hours working in our yard or on our house with mr leif. uninterrupted.
  • having plenty of time to get ready. do hair. put multiple outfits on until i decide on the right combo. and do makeup. ya know........girl stuff
ok. that's all. for now.
and really, dont mistake FREAKING OUT excited for the babe to come.
but.........i'm enjoying the calm before the storm. (the really really good storm)

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