Sunday, July 11, 2010

goin on at our hizzie....

a few things.

we had visitors.
we like to call them our regulars.
they come crash at our place. a lot
and we love it.
and we have crazy good times.
...eating at firecookin/throwfoodatyou restaurants
...grillin. real low key like.
...tryin to start fires in our pit/but failing/but still trying.
...watchin our boys play tennis. all sweaty like.
...goin to get 'free facials'
...and bommin it up at schlitters......floatin and slidin in the sun.

and guess what else is goin on at our hizzie.
mr leif is paintin the babe's room.
yay. eeeeek. tripple quadruple sweetness.
and i have bad heartburn or indigestion
......(but no upset stomach/diareah)
duh. like the peptol bismal commercial.
but yeah it hurts.
so i ate ice cream.

it helped.
YES. yes yes YESSSS.
love LOVE that ice cream is now justified as a remedy.
booyah to yah.

and in other big news......
im in my 26th week.
and standing in the future babe's room :)
and underneath......
babyleif is really pokin out

so so so, at 26 weeks:

  • hearburn/ouchiness - ice cream remedy, yay.
  • boobs have stopped growing it seems, staying a consistant BIG, ughhh.
  • getting up at 5. always. but now loving a midday nap (ahhhh the joys of my july of no work)
  • feeling babyleif kick/do cannon balls/play karate/shake his booty
  • seeing him do all those things and thinking it looks a bit weird when my belly has sudden random bulging movements
  • mr leif can feel him/see him move. he likes that.
  • ummmm lets see, what else......
  • oh yeah, im NOT weighing myself. at all :) yep, its been about 3 weeks of no scale. and its almost like moses came down from the mountain and burnt up my idol and scattered the ashes of my scale into the river behind my house, just like he did to the israelites with their golden calf. so yeah. that whole issue is going GREAT. free.

ight y'all.

im out.

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