Saturday, July 31, 2010

yo linds, where did you get....

the clothes in your maternity photos???

  • the yellow sweater - $5 from walmart. yep.
  • grey tank - $3 from 'about 9 months' - a KC second-hand maternity store.
  • purple sweater - a gift.......from destination maternity. thanks momma2 :)
  • jeans - $15 from 'about 9 months' - a KC second-hand maternity store.
  • shoes - $10 on clearance at herbergers (a small little department store in little ol' hastings, ne). thanks mom :)
  • necklace - $40, well, technically $0. BECAUSE...... i kept the tag on the necklace, and took it back to target the next day. AHHHHHHH!!!!! am i so naughty or what?!?!?!?

please, no one tell target.

and for those that know me best, does it really suprise you that i wore something with the tags still on it!?!?? (you never know when you might decide not to keep something)
(when your husband says......"yeah, you should probably return that - not in our budget") hehe

  • oh yeah, and the mustard chair - (yes, its from our living room) $15 from a garage sale. boooooyah. and ps.....krista (my photographer friend) and i named it gertrude.

ok. now go get ur bargains people, they're out there.
you just hafta search :)

1 comment:

  1. Here's my problem: I am too insecure and too unartistic to bargain shop. Help. Can you teach a class? On how to dress cute and be thrifty and match colors and "see" potential in garage sale things? You have a gift, I'm tellin ya. :) Teach a class. I'll be there with a pen and pencil ready to take furious notes.