Sunday, August 1, 2010

my man shares...

....body wash with me.

yours might too.......but is it citrus? like really orangey/tangy/citrusy?

oh im all smiles as i type.

so mr. leif and i are like nose deep in becoming OBSESSED with budgeting.

apart from making it our idol, something we've discussed we need to be very careful NOT to do, we literally are finding FUN and ENJOYMENT in the challenge of trying to SAVE in any way we can.

nothin is gettin ordered off of menus
nothin swaggeriffic is being added to our closets
nothin fancy is goin into my jewelry box (which is actually a pink tackle box)
nothin crazy/outta this world/expensive is consuming our weekends, or evenings
nothin is being planned for us to go travel to or do

and we are LOVIN it.

i'm sure the newness will wear off.
but for now.
we are totally on the budget bandwaggon.

so the body wash? well..........we were mingling through costco gettin massive amounts of kirkland TP, and we decided to check out their body wash.
we picked up a pack of 2 massive citrus body washes.
and just to verify after we popped the pop and gave'r a sniffy........
i said

"are you SURE you are ok with using THAT as your soap in the shower?"

and he said

"i'm pretty sure im ok with my manhood enough, to use that body wash, no worries there"

and i laughed
yes mr leif, you are all 'man'.

so cheers to kickin our student loans in the FACE. (wow, a bit aggressive.......)
and cheers to gettin closer to livin off mr leif's income alone.
and cheers to me bein a momma. JUST a momma. well, and a wife too.
and cheers to our awesome attitudes through all of this.
God is definitely giving us the grace to attack this budget craziness.
a year ago, i would have never been up for this 'new way of life'.........
His grace abounds. and its so great to have THAT to rely on!
she makes me smile. and im a tad obsessed with her. cant help it.

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