Friday, July 30, 2010

now, whose belly is this?

its mine :) and my beautiful friend krista very FABULOUSLY captured my growing family :)
and she is amazing. and she is SO talented.
and she loves jesus.
so of course, how can i NOT love her!

and if you wanna see the rest, you can click HERE:)


  1. Lindsey- These pics turned out GREAT! Hopefully you feel as great as you look! Your little man will be here before you know it! Also, so glad you found a new doc and daycare! Things are starting to fall together just like they are supposed to! Have a great weekend and try and keep cool in this lovely late July weather! :)

  2. oh. my. GOSH. i'm dying over here! you are just GORGEOUS! straight out of a prego mag. i swear it. those SHOES! GAH!! that necklace. the sweater. the background. SO PERFECT!!!! makes me want a lil' baby bump again. stunning, linds. LOVE!!!

  3. I'm really not even supposed to be on the computer right now (way too much to do. haha), but I couldn't NOT comment on this. Because OH MY GOODNESS. Words cannot express how amazing these pictures are!! everything is perfect. You and your absolute gorgeousness. Your stylin' outfits. Your shoes. the colors. the light. You and Casey, so in love and so adorable. The happiness, the love, the expectation they captured.
    Holy moly. I LOVE them. So so so sweet. So stunning. I know I'm totally gushing, but seriously. They're perfection, just right for this special time in your lives. :)
    I'm with Molly June, these belong in a magazine. (except they're even better than ones in a mag, because they're of YOU :)
    LOVE love love!!

    k. done now. :)

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! These pictures are like a breath of fresh air! Love them and love you! miss you girl!! You are glowing!

  5. love, Love, LOVE!!! (the pictures & you!)