Sunday, August 22, 2010

my 32 week photo shoot...

... in the bathroom at school

so, i really don't even want to admit to taking pictures of myself. while being cheesy. in the bathroom at work. and then messing around on a photo editor to make this little photo art thing below. yep. im that lame.

but nonetheless.........
i did. no judging.
and at 32 weeks:
  • heartburn has totally lightened up. which has a pro and con. pro - im not waking up in tears feeling like someone is forcing me to swallow flames. con - i was sort of excited about the so called 'your baby will have lots of hair if you have heartburn' thing. i kinda want babyleif to have a head of hair - things were lookin good with the heartburn rampage........however - im pretty sure he'll be a baldy, i haven't needed tums in a week.
  • i got a body pillow. FINALLY. thursday after work i went to target and got some aqua long pillow labeled 'body pillow.' it was ten bucks. and the sheet for it was also ten bucks. so i said forget the sheet. i'll put a regular pillow sheet on one end and another reg pillow sheet on the other end..........and wallah! it works. so last night i slept fab. today i took a nap and slept fab. i'm lovin the aqua blob. i just hope mr leif doesnt feel like me and my pillows are takin over our rather small queen bed :)
  • im lovin my new doctor...........we made a switch about 4 weeks ago - and its been great. my next appointment is monday!!! our 30 week apt, she said i was measuring at 32 weeks - so if i continue to measure ahead, i might get another ultrasound - and i'd totally love to peek at the babe again, and i'd totally love to have him early (a safe early) yep - im prayin on monday she says im measuring at least 33 weeks - come onnnnnnnnnnn early arrival!!!
  • no permanent swelling yet. and i say permanent, because the other day my ring seemed AWFULLY tight, like couldn't get it off my finger - but now, as i type i can successfully pull it off - this is good.
  • no stretch marks yet. hallelujah. not that i don't still have 8 weeks to go.......but im thankful for their lack of existence so far. a girl who is due the same day as me, from my childbirth class, has had them poppin up for the last 3 weeks :(
  • leif would probably tell me to add that i'm a bit needy to this list. so ok, i'll admit it: my rather strong self has become quite weak. but good news is - mr leif is on a fishing trip with his buddies this weekend and so he'll come back rejuvinated and ready to make me breakfast, at least 3 days a week. hahahahah totally kidding..........well kinda.........
  • the babe has now reached black belt status in my belly. kick, punch, hiiiiiii-yah! i'll try to capture it on video for you - its freaky, sometimes i think he is seriously going to bust right out of my belly.

alright. i must go. its after midnight. to bed.

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