Sunday, August 29, 2010

i had a sweaty upper lip... at our church picnic.


really though, i was trying to be all lady-like in my nice church clothes........but when it came time for our picnic, OUTSIDE, i definitely coulda used a hanky.
a hanky?
oh, you don't know what that is?
that's what my dad used to call a handkerchief. i probably didn't spell that correctly.

seriously. i needed a sweat rag.

please oh please oh pleeeeeease Lord, send me some cooler weather :)

i don't need anything too extreme though.........
remember THIS post?!? those icicles til i'm home....snug in the house, with the babe, on maternity leave :)

i need to go guzzle some water.
or, eat a popsicle?
or, heck.........maybe i should just snarf down some tcby - that's seemed to do the trick all summer long :)

holy hot momma. and i'm talking temperature here people.

mr leif referred to my ponytail as a 'mane' today.........think its time for a trim?
but my hairstylist lives in california.
so i suppose i'll wait until she comes for the birth of the get my 'mane' trimmed up :)

1 comment:

  1. I have the WORST sweaty upper lip. I'm not a graceful hot-weather person. And...I haven't had TCBY all summer. Not. One. Time. No waffle-cone Wednesday. Sad, sad, sad.