Thursday, August 19, 2010

random pictures...

...from my cellphone.
because i didn't have anything else to write about.
and i was going through my phone this morning.
and thought i'd share.
so there.

some of my plants, pre-100+ weather. all nice a green. i'm pretty proud. because everything grew back from last year. i was a tad nervous everything would have died off. yay for perennials.

trying to get my new office set up. i'll give you a tour sometime.

on my way to a steamy lunch date with mr. leif earlier this summer. he let me pick him up from work :)

nieceypoo. playing in my living room.

pickin my sis and the babe up from the airport mid-july. wouldn't you like to greet something that cute?!?!? even though it was midnight, she met me with the cheeziest smile. i miss her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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