Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ok......this is it!

i've found my dream job.

most of you know, this changes on a monthly basis.
and mr leif - you shush.
you are probably thinking, "um, how about a weekly basis?" -while rolling your eyes!
(of course he is saying and doing those things out of love for me, his ever-so-can't-make-her-mind-up with what she wants to do-wife)

side note - im hoping that bearing babies will consume my crazy job-hopping desires.
we'll find out soon!
soon, as in 8 weeks :)

but yeah.........so the job, the "THIS IS IT JOB".
i'm going to open my own consignment shop.

y'all know how much i LOVE searching for fabulous deals as consignment shops -
the shoes for babyleif in these photos: they were originally from babygap.
i got them from children's orchard for $2. actually grammy linda bought them. thanks grammy!
now you could be thinking - well why are you going to open a consignment store if childrens orchard already exists?
well. its crowded. unorganized. and not very cute, AT ALL.
what i'm picturing is down below.
i'm gonna replicate this place.
a most radical consignment shop for childrens clothes - cute ones.
and i'll have a section for mommas too.
behold, from richmond, virginia:

ok, i can just see myself sitting behind this totally fabulous desk. welcoming my shoppers :)

and. my plan is that i'll only work part time.

cuz i'll be home with raising babes.

but maybe mr leif could build a little nursery/playroom on the back of my shop so when i am there - the kids can come too.

it would be kid friendly for my shoppers :)

ps. one problem.............anyone out there want to donate the $$ to get me goin? i suppose i could start it out of my garage and then move into a shop when business gets boomin. hahahaha.......

(liza - how bout that salon you'll open - i can be on the other side! just think childcare for your clients!)


  1. great idea Linds. Im totally on board with this one

  2. GREAT idea. seriously! we have a children's orchard too. & i don't think i've been in there since a&e were first born cause it smells bad. & it's dirty. & the people that work it aren't the friendliest. BUT, i would totally come to yours! it would be GREAT! i could donate all the clothes my mom has bought the girls. TWO of each :)

    p.s. audrey's yelling at me from the bathroom right now..."mommy! mommy! i poop TWO poops!" baahahaaaaa! tmi? oh, it's coming your way too, mama! 8 weeks! :) hahaaa!

  3. Love your idea Linds!! I could totally see you doing this & being fabulous at it! Can my jazzercise center/bakery be on the other side of Liza's salon? Wow! What a great place for all those stay at home moms to hang out at all day! They can workout, get their hair done, buy some cheap but fashionable clothes for the kiddos & pick up a dozen cupckes before they head back home!!! We are sitting on a goldmine!! Next step in our plan....find JJ a job in KC!