Monday, August 2, 2010

we've got naked ladies... our backyard.

a couple days ago said to mr leif, "hey we have a ton of naked ladies in our yard!!!"
and then i laughed
and followed it up with, "oh i bet that's JUST what you wanted to hear!!!"

now to ease your anticipation..........

these are naked ladies.
long stems. beautiful pink puffys up top!
and each year at the end of summer.........
when its so miserably hot out that i don't even wanna water the flowers/plants..........
and everything has stopped blooming........
these beauties sprout up outta no where.
for real. you don't even know they exist pre-boom. its just a blank space in the ground and then the next day, BAM, BAM BAMBAM!!! they are sprouttin up and FAST!!!! i love it. its such a GREAT supprise.

oh LORD how beautiful is your handwork.
and thanks for making them sprout in the ugliest part of our yard. the part that is FULL of weeds and the part that we haven't the time/money to try and maintain yet. thank you for adding beauty to that spot :)

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