Monday, August 2, 2010

here are 3 things...

.....that are making me dislike 'budget mania at the leif's':

a ppb bag.
now, my first inclination was to be a tad ashamed to want such an expensive bag.
BUT, i've since justified it, no worries :)
i mean, come on. most of you know it was a bit difficult accepting that i wouldn't be buying leggings, headbands, nailpolish, dresses, and other sweet girl gettup for future babyleif.
though.........i've come a long way, and am now quite pumped to dress my little bambino. and i laugh at the thought of wanting a girl, when i'm now in total boy mode. and wouldn't want it any other way :)
however, i've justified this bag, because its the one girly baby-related thing i can do/have while raising a boy.
at least in my opinion.
so. a cute diaper bag is a must.
just dont know which one.
i kinda like both.

thanks molly for turning me to these sweet kicks with your fbook photo.
clearly i was WAY out of the loop.
i haven't been to a 'regular store' in at least 8 months, probably more like 10, i think the last time i went shopping was before christmas. just maternity for this girl.
and although i'd heard about TOMs on an ad, i didn't realize they were actually the
'cool shoe to buy'
and props to them - they give a pair of shoes to a needy child, every time you purchase one for yourself
and double props. they are comfy. or so im told.
so i think i 'need' a pair of these.
just don't know which color.
i kinda like all three
a cute camera strap.
totally doesn't hold up to the above two items, in terms of priority on the buy list.
but i stumbled upon this sight (click the photo or source below) with oodles of fabulous fabric.
and sudenly,
i dreamed of carrying around my camera (that i don't know how to use) with one of these savy straps.
mr leif, now that you have admitted to actually reading this blog daily.
(yep folks, he finally jumped on the bandwagon)
and now that you've veiwed these 3 items.
please know that the bag and shoes are needs.
the cam strap is a want.
and if you see a fairly large purchase coming through in the next couple weeks.
its because i couldn't resist.
and i busted through our budget brick wall on spending.
i promise i'll try not to.
i'll just stick to dreaming, for real.


  1. ahaa! i just love you! i think you NEED to rock the toms FOR SURE! & then you NEED to get them for baby leif, too. i mean, if audrey or ellie's gonna marry your boy, he's gonna hafta have style :) HA! (i want them SO bad for the girls. i think i dream about them. i'm trying to hold off until at least winter. their feet grow SO fast!)

    & the diaper bag is a must, too. i mean, you hafta carry it for a good 2 years! (man, mr. leif is not going to like this molly june chick! ha.)

  2. love the bag and the shoes! You could easily make the camera strap! For cheap!