Wednesday, September 1, 2010

should i be wearing eye...


crap. i'm 25 and i've never worn eye-cream,
and now i'm beginning to freak out.

i know, i know.........we are bound to show signs of aging........and thats ok.......because that's such an earthly thing to be so worried petty.......and totally not kingdom focused..........

BUT, with the lines around my eyes as i smile NOW......i'm surely going to look like this by the time i'm 30.

well....i don't think i'll have the headband on.
actually.......maybe i will?

but back to the important stuff.
when i smile, i have at least 30 lines shooting out of the sides of my eyes.

two ideas...........

i told mr leif that i'm gonna need botox.
he shut me down immediately.
that silly husband.
what are we doing anyways? trying to budget for me to be a SAHM?
oh that's right.
we are.
so, no botox.

please, tell me, anyone, do you have an eye cream you love?
i need something quick!
i need something cheap!
i need something for my lines!

and dear mom,
maybe you could hook a daughter up with some melaleuca!


  1. i am probably not the one to ask since I JUST started wearing eye cream. In a few months I can tell you if it works--It's the arbonne hydrating eye cream with fresh kiwi extract.

    But yay for you for starting early! I was too cheap and unmotivated til recently.

  2. I just use coconut oil at! :) And I made the mistake of getting Botox when I worked at a's too good to be true. So use all the money you're saving on not buying expensive eye cream and just using coconut oil...and use it on Botox. Haha!

  3. I told JJ I was getting Botox in 10 years & he shot me down too. Dang husbands! 10 years from now let's plan a girls day to go get botox while the men watch our kiddos & they'll never KNOW!! heheheee! I use Garnier eye cream (I have the roller for puffiness AND the eye cream for wrinkles I think?) I think it works & Garnier has tons of Vitamins & Antioxidants and you can buy it at Walgreens. I use their moisturizer to get rid of my dark spots from all that lifeguarding I did in the sun w/o sunscreen! Getting old totally blows!! :)

  4. hello. :) i was just looking at some old posts and found a comment you left me a while back so I wanted to come see if you had your baby yet. your header pictures are SO cute! makes me wish i had the nerve to take pictures like that with my husband. oh well, maybe next time.

    i put Clinique's Youth Surge lotion on my face every morning and night and I feel like it helps SO much. I've also heard "All About Eyes" is good as well.