Tuesday, August 31, 2010

it must be a cultural thing...

...because every hispanic mom at my school rubs my belly.

but contrary to this cartoon....

...i actually don't mind.

3 reasons why i don't mind:
  1. while they rub my belly, they are ooooohing and ahhhhhing, with giant smiles, saying "oh beautiful baby, you're first one?" .........and saying, "ohhhhh such a blessing, a baby" ...........and those that can't speak english show their love for babies with their eyes - because as they pat the belly, they look at me with the biggest smile they can create. it really is precious. and you know what? i don't mind it. because they truly have an appreciation for babies and pregnancy in general :)
  2. i can't really mind them touching me - i'm the school counselor, and it would be 'out of character' for me to give them a snooty look, or brush their hand away. if i want them to trust me, to appreciate me, and to come to me for support with their children, then i need to show that i can accept them. if rubbing my belly is what they 'do' then i'll let them 'do it' :)
  3. it actually feels comforting. I KNOW, crazy, right?!?!? many pregnant women are completely disgusted by others touching their belly. and i respect that. but for ME....the gentle touch is strangely comforting and soothing. so, rub away mommas.......rub away :)


  1. so cute. I didnt really mind the belly rub either. but then we are the close talker type. I wish I could give that belly a little rub too! (and charlotte wants to lay on it) ;)

  2. I always LOVED it when people would rub my big old belly! It's the only time people can do that without feeling a bowl full of jelly. Ok i don't want to scare you, eventually it will go back but it's just not the same stomach as before. but as my dear friend ally once said when she was trying to get pregnant "i can't wait to earn my gut!"

    now, if you could only get them to rub your back along with your tummy, you'd have it made!