Friday, October 8, 2010


that's what i thought...
as i left school today...
on friday...
ready for the weekend...
hoping for a 10-10-10 baby...
i mean, praying for a 10-10-10 baby.

but if not, that's ok.

HE already knows when babyleif is comin'

so, cheers to 39 weeks!


  1. Oh my goodness girl!! You have the cutest bump!! You are all belly and it's adorable!! I'm sure you are getting so excited for Baby Leif to get here. I'm anxiously awaiting too! YOu are gonna be one fabulous momma! Love you!!!

  2. OHMYGOOOOSH! i can't think of anything else to say! but OHMYGOSHHHH!!! :) 10-10-10 would be SO COOL! we're gonna be at a wedding on that day! & you'll be pushin' out a baebae. ohhhh, i hope so!

    p.s. you are SO adorable. it'll be weird to see you without a baby bump. i've kinda gotten used to it! ;)

  3. you. are. so. cute.

    seriously, that baby bump of yours just does me in.

    Molly's right, it's going to be so weird seeing you without it soon! but a good kind of weird, because then you'll be carrying that babe around in your arms. Which is, of course, even better. :)