Thursday, October 28, 2010

bath time's my fave :)

hi guys!
yesterday i turned two weeks old!
wow, i'm big huh?!

i love bath time.
these pictures were from a few days ago, but i hafta tell ya, just last night mom and dad soaked me in a little red bucket.
although i was really slippery, mom held on tight, and i didn't go under :)
i loved sitting in the water.
i'm a fish, indeed.
first- they undress me and i squirm around nakey in my duck towel.

then it's bathtime!

now, back to my towel to get cozy and dry :)

my dad likes to soak up the clean baby goodness

silly guy, he even nibbles on my belly
and gets me dressed!
i know i can't wear all the cute things that girls get to wear - but i'm trying to let my mom put whatever she wants on me...i hear she has some babylegs that she's gonna put on me soon....oh dear! it's ok though, she likes to help pick out my dad's clothes too, hehe!


  1. ahh, that last picture is a heart melter. my fave was bathtime too. until they got i can't wait for them to learn to shower themselves! haaa! :) looks like you're doin' good, mama. you look so pretty too! loveyou.

  2. AHHH this is making me want a baby SOo bad, tell me all the hard things PLEASE!!! :)

    congrats again!! sooooo exciting and wonderful!!!