Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a little recap...

...from my cell phone :)

this morning, i was browsing through my phone, and i realized that i have been capturing quite the memories........
i wish i would have my camera with me more - but trying to buckle romes up in his car seat is enough of a task for me right now :)
his first time at the doc....
i was so nervous to take him out into the 'real world'! we went home from the hospital on friday - and we had to go in saturday morning! he slept for 45 min in the waiting room, before going back to get his heel pricked...and he did so fabulous - only a little whimper!
he has already gone from his birth weight of 7lb. 12oz. to 8.3! i'm trying to chunk him up - but i have a feeling he'll be tall like mr leif so it will be extra hard to get him the millions of rolls i'm dreaming of :)
his first time in a sling...and his first time at the park!
sweet cousin time with charlotte
sitting in his little lamb...while mommy takes a shower!
(i've gotta get clean somehow!)
loungin' in his light blanket...
poor little rome had to wear this jaundice contraption for about 6 days after we got home
ahhhhh....this light blanket isn't too bad!
his first thrifted outfit :)
momma snagged this cute get-up for $2
his debut at church!
sporting some cute little sweater swag from great aunt joan!
more cousin time with char...


tomorrow he'll be 2 weeks old. eeek!


  1. ahhhh this makes me so happy, so freaking cute.

    that lamb thing looks brilliant!

  2. i just LOVE his thrifted outfit! soooo cute~

  3. what a little cutie! congratulations!

  4. Oh girl, he's so sweet! And you do an excellent job of dressing him up all cute (I too found that there are cutesy boy clothes out there)! hehe! Can't wait to meet this little one and see you of course too! :)

  5. i just love him. he's the sweetest! & so well dressed :) hehee.