Friday, October 29, 2010

mr leif and his mini

so, everyone says roman looks like his daddy..........with my hair, and skin color.
i can't wait.
will i really get to raise an ACTUAL mini mr leif??!!!
oh i do hope so.
and......... with mr leif for a dad, roman is simply learning the ropes of life from the best.
i can't wait til little rome is running to the door to meet dad when he gets home from work
i can't wait til romyroo is asking his dad to play catch or build him a fort!
i can't wait til romes is carrying around his own mini tool belt. just like dad.
(although mr leif doesnt wear a tool belt, so im not sure where that whole scenerio came from....silly me)

oh goodness......i don't even know where to begin. mr leif has been the BEST husband ever. and he is clearly a natural at this daddy gig. as soon as he comes home from work, he takes over.......burping, changing, and cuddling. he loves being a dad. he loves helping me. and..... this is for an entirely seperate post.......but i definitely have needed the help :)


  1. this is SOOOOO sweet. i love it! i have many pictures of john snuggling with my babies. as soon as he would get home from work, he would grab the baby and take a little rest/nap with baby on his chest. it's something i'm really gonna miss. sniff.

  2. Oh my...what an adorable picture! Roman looks like he has already changed so much! Can he get any cuter! :)

  3. i really hope my husband will be that good to me when we have a baby! i know he will be.

    i'm a little late, but congrats on the baby boy... he's so handsome!