Thursday, November 18, 2010

i now present to you...

yes.........if you are my friend on the ole social network we all know and love....... you've already seen these beauties that are roman's one month pictures. however, i think i've practically been licking the screen everytime i look through i thought i would plaster them all over my blog as well :)
dear little romyroo......
at one month:
you've just begun to smile.
i frequently (like every 3 minutes) say to my dorky little 'for roman only' voice, "hi roman, its your momma here! it's your momma!" and smile. back at me. and i practically pee my pants each time.
you are tracking objects and movement with your eyes...
so that's my excuse to get up in your face and kiss you a million times....because you can see me now!
you now weigh 10 pounds, 13 ounces........
that's 3 pounds and an ounce more than your birthweight!
bring on mommas milkies! i feed him every chance i get.......let's plump this little lovie UP!
i'm obsessed with every part of you......i could eat your toes.
in a good way. you're nursing well and now eating every 4 hours,
as oppose to the 3 hour rotations you were on for the first 4 weeks of your life.
you went for a 5 hour stretch last night! yep. you ate at midnight and mommy was scared because you were STILL sleeping at i woke you up to feed you. however, the nurse i called to chitchat with today, told me to just pump and let you sleep :)
just today you started making cooing squeak a lot.........and you breathe so fast when you get excited!!!! i love it!!!
you're not a huge fan of tummy time........
but you are always trying to look around when i'm holding i know you are strengthening your neck that way :)
bath time is still going great.......
we just fill up the sink and plop you in! you love having the water run on your head. so, of course, we do that a lot, because in all honesty.......what our rome wants, he gets.....(JUST for now anyway)

you just stare into my eyes the whole time you are nursing..... and so i nurse the heck out of you. because it's the best feeling in the world....... so that's what we do every day all day romy, i nurse you and change you and cuddle you and giggle with you.......and LOVE you LOVE you LOVE you....

oh roman joe, your dad and i are completely obsessed with you. just were napping in our bed, and we were in the living room. we missed you SO much that we tip toed into the room, crawled into bed...and just stared at you forever. we wanted to nibble your cheekies.

comming soon.........i'll reveal how i now know what IT feels like.


  1. ohh! that was the cutest post ever. one month though?! really? how could that be? gosh, he's cute. i bet the pics don't even do those cheeks & buns justice, do they? LOVE him. and you. and these pics. xo!

  2. oh my goodness. loooooved this baby love. love the faux hawk.

  3. what a cutie pie!!! i hope mason has that much hair someday!...he is a baldy for sure :) roman, i think you will meet a bf in a few days at your grammies house at the ville :) i will be watching from our windows for a white suv to pull in the drive....kinda like i used to do while waiting for donavan to come out to play!! :) ahhh those were the days :) xoxo

  4. love love love his hair. looks like miles' hair.

  5. he is as scrumptious as can be! it warms my heart to see you so enamored with your dear boy. This is what I have been waiting for:) You look so beautiful in your new photos too.

    ps lovin your new header!