Monday, November 22, 2010

i love him.

this is my new life.
this is me, a momma.
and this is him, a snuggler :)
and a stroller rider
 he made friends today, with 3 squirrels, collected 4 acorns and 2 leaves, and even nabbed the cute neighbor girl's phone number. just kidding about the squirrels, acorns, leaves...........and the neighbor girl.
i smooch him all day....
ohmygoodness, look at him now, he's workin out in his little gym. better go - i think he needs a spotter.


  1. write all the lovely momma thoughts your heart desires. i love it.

  2. From a wanna-be-momma, please keep writing. I too am a blog stalker of people I haven't met and love soaking up all the mommmy-goodness!