Monday, November 22, 2010

i be up in the gym...

....just workin on my fitness, hooooooweeeeeee!

yes. it's true, roman has really been hittin up the gym lately.
and he loves it.
(it's a playgym, silly?!!)

and when he's workin hard, he even hangs his tongue out.

yes, when he's hittin the gym, it requires true concentration

oh, but sometimes...... he's silly.
like today, i caught him not once,

not twice,

but THREE times, snatchin an animal cracker from me, while was suppsosed to be workin out.... ahhhhh that roman, always a jokester.

oh, but the little goofball didn't stop there, no noooooo.
next, he plopped a little animal right on his face.
yeah, he realized being silly gets the girls, even at the gym......

hey mom, back off........a guy can have a little fun right?!

oh dear.

but anyways, while roman's been pumpin iron up in the playgym, i've been pumping too...although not iron for me.

since day one, i've been pumping for about 5 minutes each time after i nurse.

however, last week i noticed i wasn't quite pumping much out after roman would finish nursing. then i began to freak out. what????? no?????

you see, i've kept up this whole pumping shindig, because 1)i've become a bit addicted to storing all this milk, it's like i've got a little sidebusiness going on or something......... and 2) i'm a bit afraid that after i return to work, i won't be able to keep up

so - while freaking out, i hit up the ole' internet search. "how to get your milk supply up" and "how much should a 5 week old be eating" and "how to keep your milk supply while nursing"........

i realized i need to be drinking more water, eating more often throughout the day, resting, and feeding regularly. it seems as if that was THE magic combo.

alright......i need to go - romes is up for another feeding, and then imma pump. pump. it. up.

you should see my freezer. YIKES!


  1. way to go with the pumping. it's hard work. another thing that is great for low supply in fenugreek. it's just an herbal supplement that you can take. i used it and it worked great. adorable pictures by the way!

  2. omygosh, seriously i was just like you when i had finn. pumping up a storm and loving all those little bags in the freezer. totally addicting. and yes, i read in "secrets of the baby whisperer"(best book ever) that you need 16 glasses of water a day. sounds like a you will drown...but it does help. and eat eat eat. i did try the fenugreek too and it worked super duper but you still have to eat and drink too!

  3. ps. hilarious pictures of animal cookie on romy's head. hahahaha

  4. Oh my goodness...the animal crack me up! Love how you are little Rome's voice, too cute!