Sunday, December 19, 2010

moms, aka jugglers.

...did you know that i love being a mom? yep. it's the best thing ever.

and bytheway...i got a compliment in the post office earlier this week:
"wow! you are a natural" - sweet lady behind me

i guess i was showin some stellar mom moves, because i was..........
...writing on a package with my right hand,
...while holding a giant stack of envelopes and two packages with my left hand/arm,
...while scooting up in the line,
...while roman was in his seat on the floor below me,
...while rocking his carseat with my left foot,
...while saying "shhh. roman, it's ok, we're almost done",
...while he wasn't even crying, i was just trying to be, um, pro-active.

and you know what?
mom's don't even think about how they will do all those things at once.
they just do them, because there is no choice.

i mean, you can't just ask some random to watch your baby while in the post office line.
i mean, you can't leave your baby in the car. duh.
i mean, you can't write on your packages before you get to the post office, well maybe i shoulda.
i mean, you can't just bring a cute bag, to put the envelopes and packages in, so your left hand/arm would be free, well maybe i shoulda.

oh whattheheck. not a's just the life of a mom.
and i'll embrace it.

it's just practice for later.
how do others do it with oh we shall see.
we shall see.

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