Monday, December 20, 2010

just a glimpse...

...of THE father's love.

tell you more? ok.

the love that you have for your child....
you know, a mother's love...a father's love...

i'm convinced, God gives us children so that we might get just a glimpse of HIS love for us. we can't fathom it, but when you try to put into words how much you love your own child, it makes you wonder if it's kinda like God's love for us.

last week was roman's 2 month dr. appointment.
2 months? yep went fast.
2 months? yep, means shots.

and, if you are my facebook friend, you'll know i was fretting over the whole 'shots' thing about 20 minutes before it was go-time.

knowing that in a matter of minutes, your child will be blasted with a needle, multiple times? yikes.
knowing that in a matter of minutes, your child will be enduring pain that you could actually prevent (by running from the docs office, running far far away)

can you imagine the sacrifice our FATHER made for us. knowing his son was born, to later die and save us. knowing his son would endure pain. knowing that he could, in fact, prevent it, but wouldn't.......

roman's little shots were nothing compared to the pain that HE endured.

but i have a glimpse of understanding now.
and you know what?
it makes this christmas a little more special.

roman did fabulous with the shots.
and i must say, i didn't do too bad either (musta been that sale on grace at costco, remember that? well, i'm stockin' up)

Snuggles with momma after my 2month doctor appointment........

95th percentile - in height and weight!!!!
13 pounds. 11 ounces!!
24 inches long!

bring on the chunky baby!!
momma loves th sqishies :)

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  1. Beautifully put! Never would have thought about God's love that way, thanks for sharing-can't wait to experience it someday.