Monday, December 13, 2010

he's now two months...

yep. little roman is defnitely 2 months old.

ahhhhhh. stop i say. stop now!

and i can officially say that last week, when i looked at him, i thought.......'wow, he IS getting big'......and then i screamed, "NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

here's a few little things about my wittle 2 month old......
he doesn't need the swaddle AS much........i mean, we still straight jacket him up at nights, but his naps can often look like this.
he flails and flails less during his naps each day.
but, during play time?
watch OUT! this ones a kicker and an arm swinger......he is such a wigglebewiggler.
he's into stairin' at stuff. whether its the fan. the lights. the wall (yes, the blank, grey wall).........or his little fishies, or ME!!!! he is just lookin and lookin everywhere.
and of course, i think it's the cutest. ever.
he's grabbin' things galore. like shirts. hair. shirts. my bra straps. my hair, ouch. and blankets.
he's really beginning to interact with us.
he is cooing. and googling. (not online, that's just a word i made up)
and he really gets excited when we talk to him, he breathes in and out so fast, like he's runnin a race. he's my little piggy. such a snorter too!
well, he FINALLY can handle a little tummy time.
and did i mention he's smiling up a storm?
yep, he is.

oh roman........i could babble on and on about how you are the cutest thing to walk the face of this earth........(biased? yeah, so.) but. you are beginning to wiggle around in your crib. i can hear you. and i think you've hit a growth spurt (no!!!) because you've been eating every 2 hours today, so i'm sure you ready for round 5!!!

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