Sunday, December 12, 2010

time well spent...

...with grammy abbi.

on saturday, we spent all day doing this:
(shopping, and browsing the mall, and googling over the boots at nordstroms)
oh, and romes loved grammy's scarf. LOVED it.
oh, and i fed romy in von maur and nordstroms, he's quite the highclass nurser these days.

and on sunday, we did this:
rest up.
we were wore out!
all in all, we had the best weekend ever.
thankyou grammy abbi.
come back as soon as you can.
my 6 grateful things. from yesterday and today:
1. a warm house
2. more peppermint stick icecream
3. that mr leif got to go hunting, he loves hunting
4. a really yummy cheeseburger from freddy's
5. roman is smiling. like, all the time
6. that little charlotte is doing better, she's really been through the ringer lately. (oh and for her mom too, shes the bestest)

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