Friday, December 10, 2010

still grateful...

wow, it's just 10 days into december.....and i'm still going strong.

although, really, the hard part isn't trying to come up with 3 things to be grateful for each day........the hard part is blogging each day.

you might be thinking, oh dear, how hard is it to take care of a baby, you surely find time to blog??

well, it IS in fact time consuming..........because, i just eat his little cheeks,

but my excuse for barely posting today's in the nick of time??
well, my MIL is here.

and we've been out and about all day!
we even went on a walk to get groceries.

don't worry. we bundled up romes.

and now.......on december 10, 2010, i'm grateful for:

1. my two friends from church who are splitting the daycare responsibilities of little romyroo. they are each doing two days a week, and i'll do the 5th day. but the coolest thing? i had them over for a little pre-semester breakfast meeting and we prayed together. we prayed for this next semester. we prayed for their time watching roman. and, as much as i want to get sick over leaving my baby in 3 weeks...........knowing that he will be with two ladies that pray for him, that pray for powerful and brings so much peace of mind. thank you LORD.

2. my pediatrician's office. when i called in this week, wondering if it's ok that roman doesn't want to eat as often.........along with 23 other random questions, they simply answered them. and then reassured me over and over again that i was doing the exact right thing for roman. man. hearing that you are doing the right thing, as a new mom, is powerful. makes you breathe easy.

3. and, of course, roman's second chin. it's most evident when he's concentrating on 'going to the bathroom'.............wanna see?

oh roman. i don't mean to poke fun. it's just that you are turning into SUCH the character. i can't wait to see your personality begin to bloom. you're gonna be CRAZY fun. i know. i already want to ruff you up and throw you into the air..........but then i remember your just itty bitty. and i still need to be gentle. oh squishies. i love you.

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